Create an Organization
An organization account is the only account type that supports multiple users and the ability to create teams. An organization can be a company, an association, a joint venture, or any other entity.

Step 1

You must have a free Starter or Professional account first before you can create an Organization.
Click on your avatar and select Subscription to bring up your subscription management page. Click on New Organization (blue button) to create a new Organization.

Step 2

Type in the account email address, display name, and a unique name for your account. As the name implies, Pollination supports duplicate display names, but unique names must be - unique! If the name you chose is already taken, the entry field will alert you to choose a different name. Additionally, instead of uploading an Organization avatar as an image, we require a URL address to an image. Click on Create Organization to continue.

Step 3

Once you've created an organization, you can select the number of seats you'd like to purchase and add members to your organization. Use the search for members field to search for eligible members with Pollination accounts. Then click Purchase seats to finalize your purchase.
A free Starter account or Professional account is required for a member to be added to an organization.

Step 4

Enter your email and location in the pop-up window to preview your monthly subscription cost inclusive of all taxes. Double check all your information and click on "Subscribe Now" to complete your Organization seat(s) purchase.
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