Available Python Libraries

The following Python libraries are available in the Model Editor Python environement.

The code editor is packaged with a limited number of Python libraries. Currently, it is not possible to edit these dependencies. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a dependency for your workflow that is currently missing from this list.

  • dragonfly-core

  • dragonfly-display

  • dragonfly-energy

  • dragonfly-radiance

  • honeybee-core

  • honeybee-display

  • honeybee-doe2

  • honeybee-energy

  • honeybee-ies

  • honeybee-radiance-command

  • honeybee-radiance-folder

  • honeybee-radiance

  • honeybee-standards

  • ladybug-core

  • ladybug-display

  • ladybug-geometry-polyskel

  • ladybug-geometry

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