This section covers the most common editing workflows that are used in the process of cleaning a model.

Removing column holes

Removing column holes on the facade

You can remove the columns from the sides of the building by either using the Remove Short Segments or Align commands.

Fixing misalignments between the rooms

There are 3 different commands to help you with fixing the misalignments between the rooms:

  • Align to lines

  • Pull to room

  • Subtract rooms

Snap model to grid

Merge rooms

You can merge several rooms into a single room by selecting the rooms and using the Merge Rooms command.

Add missing rooms

You can add the missing rooms in three steps:

  1. Select the rooms around the missing room.

  2. Use the Create Boundary command to create a boundary for the missing rooms.

  3. Select the boundary and use the Create Room command to create a room for each boundary.

Split to core and perimeter

Validate model

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