Download and Install the Revit Plugin


During public BETA access, download of the Revit plugin is available through our Discourse site only. If you don't have a Discourse account, you can sign up here.
The Pollination plugin currently supports Revit 2022 - 2019. If you are using an older version of Revit, you will need to upgrade to more recent Revit release to use Pollination.
Additionally, this is a Work In Progress (WIP) release. It may crash Revit, so please be patient with us and make sure to save your files frequently!
Please share instances that cause a crash, so we can improve the plugin. Thanks!


Step 1

Double-click on the Pollination.Revit.X.XX.X.msi file to run the Installer.

Step 2

Follow the instructions in the "Revit Setup Wizard" to install the plugin.
Last modified 1mo ago