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Download an Output

In this section, we will see how we can download an output of a recipe that has successfully finished running on Pollination.
Install the following libraries first
pip install streamlit pollination-streamlit
Importing necessary libraries
import zipfile
import streamlit as st
from pollination_streamlit.interactors import Job
from pollination_streamlit.api.client import ApiClient
Helper function to download the output of a job
def download_output(api_key: str, owner: str, project: str, job_id: str, run_index: int,
output_name: str, target_folder: str) -> None:
"""Download output from a job on Pollination.
api_key: The API key of the Pollination account.
owner: The owner of the Pollination account.
project: The name of the project inside which the job was created.
job_id: The id of the job.
run_index: The index of the run inside the job.
output_name: The name of the output you wish to download. You can find the names
of all the outputs either on the job page or on the recipe page.
target_folder: The folder where the output will be downloaded.
job = Job(owner, project, job_id, ApiClient(api_token=api_key))
run = job.runs[run_index]
output = run.download_zipped_output(output_name)
with zipfile.ZipFile(output) as zip_folder:
Streamlit form to download the output of a job
with st.form('download-result'):
api_key = st.text_input('api_key', type='password')
owner = st.text_input('owner')
project = st.text_input('project')
job_id = st.text_input('job_id')
run_index = st.number_input('run_index', value=0)
output_name = st.text_input('output_name')
target_folder = st.text_input('target_folder', value='.')
submit_button = st.form_submit_button(
if submit_button:
download_output(owner, project, job_id, api_key,
run_index, output_name, target_folder)
The streamlit form above will render the following interface;
Providing the following inputs will download a file named "daylight_factor.vtkjs" in your current working directory;