Create an API Key

You will need an API key to communicate with the Pollination server using Pollination SDKs or Pollination API.

An API Key is like your username and password. NEVER share your API Key with others. If you use the API Key in a code or a GitHub action treat it as a secret, and use a secret manager to keep it hidden from others.

Step 1

Switch to your personal profile and click on the Settings tab.

Step 2

Scroll down to Developers Settings, and find the API Keys card.

Step 3

Input a human-readable name for the API Key, and click on the plus sign to create a new API key.

Step 4

Copy the API key and paste it into a secure place. You can use this API Key to authenticate to the Pollination server. This is the only time that you will be able to see the value of this API key.

Unless you need to keep the API key, ensure to delete the API key once you have used it. You can always create new API keys as needed.

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