Assign Program Types

A program type is useful for energy simulations. It helps to organize and edit energy model more easily and flexible for a complex project.

Step 1

Use command PO_EditRoomProperties or double click the room from "Room Manager" to bring up the "Room Properties" dialog, in which you can override room's program type.

Step 2A

Select a program type from "Program Type Manager" dialog.

Note: at the beginning, you may not have all program types that are listed in below screenshot, please check the next step 2B to import new program types from OpenStudio Standards templates.

Step 2B

Import a new program type from OpenStudio Standards template.

Note: OpenStudio Standards are developed by the US. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)'s OpenStudio Team. It includes ASHRAE 90.1 baseline model's program types and HVAC system templates. We convert them to Honeybee Schema standard format so it becomes one of the trusted data sources that we can use across our entire eco-system.

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