Create Teams

We manage all the access controls in Pollination to projects and apps using teams. Each organization can have as many teams as needed.

Step 1

Click on the plus symbol on the upper right corner of the screen and select New Team from the dropdown.

Teams are only available for organizations. If you are part of an organization but don't see the New Team option, click on your avatar and switch the organization.

Step 2

You must be one of the organization owners to create teams.

Input the team name and description. Naming is hard but try to pick a name that is easy to understand by yourself and other organization owners.

Step 3

You will be assigned as the first member and owner of the team. Start searching for other team members, and add them to the team.

You can change the role of each member to an Owner. A team Owner can add or remove team members, change their Roles, and delete the team. We recommend a minimum of two owners for each team to manage the team members.

You can add as many members as you need to your team. Use the Add Member button to add a new row for each team member.

Step 4

To finish, click on Create.

You can manage the existing teams from the Teams tab under your organization page.

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