Non-rectilinear Windows

When creating non-rectilinear windows, use the correct family type to ensure a clean analytical model. In the example below, you can see how family type affects the translated analytical model. When a curtain wall is used to model a circular window, the analytical model has many more surfaces and the glazed areas are fragmented and misaligned. When a window family is used, the translated model is clean and requires no rework.

Missing Apertures

If you don't see the apertures in the room it is usually because of one of the reasons below:

  1. You haven't selected the aperture type as an aperture when exporting the model.

  2. There is a room separation line next to the wall. That means the room object never touches the parent wall, and as a result, it doesn't find the aperture.

  3. There is a room-bounding element before the main wall. This case is similar to the case for separation lines. See this discussion on the Pollination forum for more information.

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