Getting Started

Getting started with using the model editor!

Here is a video that shows how one can use the new features to clean up the advanced Revit sample model. I tried to use all the available functionalities in one way or another. I hope you agree that it has never been this easy and quick to clean up your analytical models!

Video content

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 1:05 Remove column holes

  • 2:04 Remove column holes on the edges of the rooms

  • 5:30 Pull rooms to a room

  • 6:05 Grid size control

  • 6:42 Align rooms in multi-level to a line

  • 8:50 Drawomh local alignment lines

  • 10:28 Stories table overview

  • 11:00 Place missing rooms

  • 13:36 Merge all the rooms on a level without clean-up

  • 15:50 Split core and perimeter

  • 18:50 Merge rooms and edit room display name

  • 19:45 Fix overlapping skylights

  • 20:33 Snap model to grid

  • 22:35 Validate model

  • 23:20 Export options

  • 24:46 Upcoming commands, and closing remarks (not really!)

  • 25:17 Offset the building envelop boundary to adjust for wall thickness

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