Using Room Selection Mode

Room Selection Mode

You can find a button to toggle RoomSelection mode ON/OFF in the first row of icons of the Pollination Panel. When the button is saturated, it is ON. When it is grayed out, it is OFF.

RoomSelection ON

When turned ON, you can select a room (parent) along with all its apertures, doors, and shades (child). The same effect applies to the orphaned face/aperture/door as well. This is useful when you want to transform or select rooms (move, scale, rotate, etc) without missing child surfaces.

RoomSelection OFF

When turned OFF, the selection ignores all parent-child relationships. All geometries will be in an independent state, so you can select individual parent and child surfaces.

Rhino Selection Tip

If you create a selection window from left to right, Rhino will only select objects that are fully within the selection window.

If you create a section window from right to left, Rhino will select all objects that both fall within and intersect the selection window.

Pollination Selection Tip

Combine RoomSelection OFF with to select all apertures from a room, face, or building.

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