Rebuild selected rooms with following options: 1) merge all coplanar faces; 2) rebuild all room faces; 3) reset all boundary conditions; In this command, it also checks all child objects (apertures and doors)'s normal to be matched with their host surfaces.


  • MergeCoplanar

    set to true to merge all coplanar faces. This is similar to the Rhino's command MergeAllCoplanarFaces. (default:true)

  • RebuildFaces

    set to true to recreate each planar faces from the duplicated-naked edge curves of the original geometry. This is also useful for rebuilding an invalid room. (default:false)

  • ResetBoundaryConditon

    when this option is set to true, it resets all faces's boundary condition to Outdoor. Unless a face is below the Z 0, then its boundary condition will be set to the Ground. (default:true)

  • FixApertureDoors

    set to true to check all child objects (apertures and doors) to ensure they are coplanar with their host faces.

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