Use the standard toolbar of Rhino to open the "Import" window. Right click on the button with the folder icon or use the cascade menu: File/Import

Navigate on the local machine and select the file to import.

Add the file format filter Honeybee Model (*.hbjson) show only the selected file format to speed up the process. Click on the "Open" button to complete the operation.


Clicking on the "Options" button you get two extra functionalities.

  • Validate: It is an optional process that checks the validity of the hbjson to import or open. Just specify the extension to read and click on the radio button "validation". It is a helpful functionality to debug a model and fix it.

  • Add a prefix: It** **is particularly useful in workflows where you duplicate and edit a starting object and then want to import it again in the same 3dm file. In fact, it changes the display name and identifier of this object and all child objects by inserting a prefix, creating unique IDs.

Tip and Tricks

Drag and drop the file directly into the Rhino canvas to skip the selection phase by user interface.

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