Assign Construction Sets

Construction is a terminology that is used in energy simulations for assembling material layers ordered from the outside to interior.

Step 1

Use command PO_EditRoomProperties or double click the room from "Room Manager" to bring up the "Room Properties" dialog, in which you can override room's construction set*.

Note: construction set is a new concept that we borrowed from OpenStudio to our energy modeling process. You would be familiar with the construction set if you are an OpenStudio user. Construction set helps with grouping constructions and assign them to geometries based on face types (wall, floor, roof/ceiling), which prevents wasting time and efforts to assign constructions to each face, and helps managing and reporting projects' constructions at global level.

Step 2A

From construction set manager, select a construction set that you want to apply to the room. You can also double click the selected item or click Edit button to review the details of this construction set.

Step 2B

Import ASHRAE 90.1 Baseline constructions from OpenStudio Standards, developed by the US. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)'s OpenStudio Team.

Note: currently ASHRAE 90.1 standards are available for versions of pre-1980, 1980-2004, 2004, 2007, 2013. We are currently working on 2016 version, and it will be added soon.

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