Add Members to an Organization

This page shows how to use the Pollination API to add members to an organization from a list. There is an additional check not to overwite the existing member. This check is useful to ensure the existing organization owners are not being changed to members.

import requests
import pathlib
import time

from typing import List

def get_current_users(api_key: str, org_name: str) -> List[str]:
    """This functions returns an empty list if the api_key doesn't belong to an organization owner."""
    url = f'{org_name}/members'
    response = requests.get(
            headers={'x-pollination-token': api_key}
    members_info = response.json()['resources']
    current_users = [
        user_info['user']['username'] for user_info in members_info
    return current_users

def add_users_to_org(
    api_key: str,
    user_handles: List[str],
    org_name: str,
    role: str = 'member',
    overwrite: bool = False

    # get current users
    current_users = get_current_users(api_key=api_key, org_name=org_name) \
        if not overwrite else []

    for handle in user_handles:
        if handle in current_users:
            print(f'{handle} is already a member of {org_name}')
        print(f'Adding {handle} to {org_name} as a {role}')
        url = f'{org_name}/members/{handle}/{role}'
        response = requests.patch(
            headers={'x-pollination-token': api_key}

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