1. Create an Organization

An organization account is the only account type that supports multiple users and the ability to create teams. An organization can be a company, an association, a joint venture, or any other entity.

You must have a free Starter account first before you can create an Organization.

Step 1

Click on your avatar and select Create an Organization to create a new Organization.

Step 2

Type in the account email address, display name, and unique name for your account. As the name implies, Pollination supports duplicate display names, but unique names must be - unique! If the name you chose is already taken, the entry field will alert you to choose a different name. You can either enter the URL of an image you would like to use as an avatar, or upload your own image after creating your organization. Click on Create Organization to continue.

Congrats! Your Pollination organization is created. It is time to add new team members and start building better together!

An organization does not have additional seats or cloud resources by default. Learn more about purchasing CAD plugin licenses and managing the Licenses. You can always purchase additional seats or add computing resources to the organization.

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