Upload local files and folders to Pollination cloud server, and they will be used as cloud asset references.


  • project [Required]

    Project that all artifacts will be uploaded to. Use GetProject component or a name for getting a project from the current user. To get a project under another account, you can specify the account name before the project name with the format: AccountName/ProjectName. For example: pollination/NewDemoProject

  • artifacts [Required]

    File or folder paths to be uploaded to the Pollination cloud.

  • sub_folder [Optional]

    An optional input for relative folder path where you want to save all Pollination job's files, instead of project root folder. For example: "Phase 1/Team A"

  • upload [Required]

    Set to true to upload the assets.


  • status


  • artifacts

    artifacts that have been uploaded to the Pollination cloud.

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