Install CAD Plugins

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The Pollination Rhino plugin is designed for optimal compatibility with Rhino 7. If you are using Rhino 6, there is an incompatibility issue with the way Rhino 6 loads plugins. After installing Pollination, you will need to open and close Rhino three times to load the Pollination plugin.

Step 1

Rhino must be closed before running the installer to install or uninstall Pollination.

Double-click on the PollinationRHGHInstaller.exe file to start the installation. The installer can also be used to remove components, update Pollination, or uninstall previous versions of Pollination. If you already have a version of Pollination installed then the installer will automatically show these options.

Step 2

Follow the instructions in the Pollination Rhino Plugin Setup Wizard to install the plugin.

Troubleshooting your Installation

Visit our Troubleshooting section to see common errors and installation issues.

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