5. Manage License Pools

This section is only applicable to licenses that are purchased under an organization account. A license that is purchased under a personal account can only be used by the account owner.
Since all Pollination CAD licenses for an Organization are floating licenses, multiple organization members can share a license to use at different times. The owners of the organization can immediately access Pollination from within their chosen CAD interface. To share access within an organization the owner must add members to their organization and then the License Pool.

Step 1

Click on your avatar and select License Pools or click on the blue Licenses button under the Plugin Subscription section to bring up the license pool management page.
Go to License Pools

Step 2

Add members to your license pool by clicking on the Member tab and typing member names in the search box. Once you find the member you'd like to add, click on the blue circle icon to add the member to your license pool.
Add Members to the Pool

Step 3

Once members are added, you can manage usage under the Activations tab. You can always remove members by clicking on the trash can to the right of the screen.
Remove Members from the Pool