Create a New Study

There are two ways to add a new job to a project, you can add a project from the Main Dashboard and from your Project Dashboard.

_When adding a Job from the Project Dashboard you can also add a recipe to a project. _

Step 1

Click on the plus symbol on the upper right corner of the screen and select Job from the dropdown.

Step 2

Fill in the job information, select your organization, and project.

Step 3

Select a recipe.

NOTE: Only recipes that you've added to a project will show up in the drop down. You may also see multiple versions of the same recipe. A higher version number will indicate a more current version.

Step 4

You can only upload a single model for a job. If you'd like to test multiple models, you will need to create a new job. Based on how your files are organized, click on the folder icon to open a folder. If you don't see a folder icon, move onto step 5.

Step 5

Click on the paper icon to preview your geometry and confirm the model looks good. Click on the button to select the model you'd like to upload and then click OK.

Step 6

Check your inputs and then click on Create.

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