What is Pollination Model Editor

Pollination Model Editor is a modern user interface for editing Pollination Snapshots. The model editor is integrated into Rhino and Revit plugins and is accessible from the web.

Model Editor UI

The screenshot below shows the different sections of the model editor. When the model editor is accessed from inside the CAD plugins you will see a Snapshots button in the bottom left corner. Click on the button to open the snapshot manager that shows all the available snapshots.

If you are using the snapshot from the web, you can open a snapshot to the model editor from the File Menu.

You can also try one of the sample files to familiarize yourself with the model editor functionalities.

How to create a snapshot


In Rhino you can create a snapshot by using the PO_TakeSnapshot command. You can create a snapshot from the whole model or a selected number of rooms and shades. Use the PO_SnapshotManager command to edit the snapshot information, and open the snapshot in the editor.


In Revit, press the Export Model button and follow the steps for exporting the model. Click on the Snapshot button to create a snapshot from the selected rooms.

You can then click on the Snapshot Manager button to open the model editor.

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