Pollination Rhino allows for the import/export of geometry and properties in the gbXML, OSM, IDF, hbjson file format.

There are two modes to open the file formats above.

  • Open: Creates a new Pollination Rhino Model using the generic template

  • Import: It add the model to the current Pollination Rhino model


There is no loss of information when importing HBJSON but only certain model elements can be imported from OSM, gbXML and IDF. These are summarized below.



☑ 1

☑ 1

☑ 1 2

Spaces / Zoning

Boundary Conditions

Face Types (eg. AirBoundary)

Opaque Constructions

Window Constructions

☑ 3

☑ 3

☑ 3



Thermostats + Outdoor Air Req.

☑ 4

Program Types

HVAC Systems

SHW Systems

Natural Ventilation

Everything Else

1 Formats do not natively support geometries with holes (they are collapsed to a single list of inward-turning vertices on export). 2 IDF only supports Apertures/Doors with 3-4 vertices (more complex window geometries are usually triangulated). 3 No dynamic behavior of window constructions is imported. 4 These always become divorced from ProgramTypes since they are not a part of OpenStudio SpaceTypes. 5 These may eventually be supported depending upon this issue.

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