Entity components

An entity component it is similar to a Rhino param. Right click on it to access to menù of actions. Generally the available features are:

  • Synchronize: It refreshes the data which the component is reading.

  • Select: It selects the objects from Rhino canvas

  • Bake: It bakes Honeybee objects or Pollination Rhino objects

  • Internalise: It saves in persistent memory the data

  • Clear: It clear the persistent memory

Current Limits

  • They do not internalise Honeybee object in the persistent memory

  • They do not support automatic synchronization for now

From Pollination Rhino to Honeybee

Use one of the entity components, for example _Pollination Room _and right click on it.

Click on _Select Pollination Rooms _to select the rooms you want from Rhino canvas. It convert every Pollination Rhino room to a Honeybee room.

Continue the workflow with Honeybee. For example, I can add border shades to all apertures. Use one of the preview components of Honeybee to check the geometries.

At this point you can decide to continue with Honeybee or going back to Rhino using the Bake feature.

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