Add sensor grids for running Radiance grid based simulations. Use "Pollination" command to open Radiance Object Manager to check and edit each sensor grid. The input geometries can be generic Rhino Brep/Mesh geometries, or Pollination geometries such as rooms, room's child surfaces (aperture, door, shade), sub-surface (room's wall, or other type of faces selected by Shift+Ctrl+Click), and orphaned faces.


  • GridSize

    space between any two sensor points. (in Rhino's unit)

  • Offset

    offset distance from the input geometries. (in Rhino's unit)

  • MergeCoplanar

    set to true to merge all selected surfaces that are coplanar to create minimum amount of sensor grids as possible. (default: false)

  • Filter

    filter currently selected geometries based on types (Floor, Wall, Roof, Window, Skylight, Door) if possible. (default: bySelected)

  • ShrinkDist

    shrink distance from the input geometries' edges. (in Rhino's unit)

  • QuadOnly

    set to true to only generate quad faces. (default: false)

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