Use Rhino Scripts to Automate Processes

Pollination Rhino plugin is based on a series of custom libraries that it is possible to use to create scripts. E.g. I would like to override all current glass material of the apertures with a custom one with just one click. A script could do that fast.
Example files that used in the video are available from:
One of the easiest ways to create a Pollination Rhino script is ironpython of Rhino.
Rhino has an internal IDE to write ironpython. Type the command **EditPythonScript **on the command bar of Rhino to open it.
Rhino Python Editor
Or it is possible to use external IDE to create it.

Importing the libraries

The first step is import modules and sub-modules that contain the useful classes
# import rhinocommon
import Rhino
import System
# import pollination part
import clr
import HoneybeeSchema as hb # Honeybee Schema
import Core as po # Pollination classes
  • HoneybeeSchema.dll contains the schema that Pollination rhino uses
  • Pollination.Core.dll contains following sub-modules:
  • Objects: Pollination Rhino Runtime Objects (RoomObject, OrphanedFaceObject, ApertureObject, DoorObject, ShadeObject, SensorGridObject, ViewObject)
  • Entity: It contains ModelEntity which collects on runtime all Pollination Object which the model is made
  • Data: Honeybee Schema data that every Pollination Object contains. E.g. RoomObject is composed by RoomData through Data Property
See links below for more information: